Thursday, November 19, 2009

almost 8 months... man time flies!

I can't believe that 7 and a half months ago, my little man was so new to our world. He is growing up to be such a handsome happy little boy! He is so smiley all the time and has so much personality. I love having a boy! he is so cuddly and such a little lovebug. If I am upset about anything, I just snuggle with him and the rest of the world just melts away. He is HUMONGOUS!!! He is already 24 pounds, from mama's milk only. We tried some sweet potatoes and he did not digest them well so I went back to exclusive breastmilk. I do give him cultured veggies occasionally. he really likes them.
oh he really likes paper too but we try to keep himfrom ingesting it, although, I am sure he's gotten a piece or two by us.

He abolutely loves his big sisters and they love him back with a fierceness! This boy never has to worry about not having enough love in his life, because there is an abundance for him in our house!!

He says mama, dada, and no! he is crawling backwards and goes backwords in his walker as well.

So lately, we've just been working, trying to get our house done, andenjoying our family. Just thought I would update this a little but don't have enough time for much more because the little man is calling me right now!!!