Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall is just around the corner

Just wanted to drop in and do a quick update.

Jaxen is 11 months old. he is cruising and climbing like nobody's business. He loves blues clues, bananas, and is still a boobman. He says "mama, dad, and NO!" he knows what "gimme some lovin" and "give your mama kisses" means. Right now he is on day 4 of hardly sleeping, I am suspecting a tooth to make an appearance any day now and for our lives to go back to normal.

Cyrus is 2.5 years, has an extensive vocabulary and is very Macho, just like his daddy. He is totally into anything that is slimy, gross, or smells weird. His favorite outfit is his green frog face rainboots, a pillowcase cape and his batman mask with nothing else!! He is pretty much potty trained and has been for a couple months now. We still use diapers when we are out of the house, but he rarely has an accident when we are at home.

Lexi is still an aspiring hairdresser as she has chopped her bangs yet again. I gave her a hairut the other day and evened up the back. She looks really cute. She is starting to do some basic academic work, like sight words, counting, shapes, and coloring.... lots of coloring..... and glueing. oh the oogads of glue that get wasted in the house. The other day I found a sea shell glued to the inside of my closet that no doubtedly came from Lexi.

Skylar is 9 and is still a huge help as always. She now always has a phone glued to her ear if she isn't doing schoolwork. This week we are actually finishing up a large section of work we did over the summer and we are planning to take our break in the fall and focus more on field trips and things like that for a couple of weeks. She is really interested in the welfare of animals. She has sent a few protest pictures that she colored to different companies that she believes is cruel to animals. She recently watched Food Inc. and was horrified at the animal cruelty that goes on in convential and commercial food production facilities. Seeing that sometimes meat gets contaminated with feces in commercial meat butchering plants, was enough to make her a locavore for life and only eat meat that is from local and family owned farms. She is really growing up.

Alex is still finishing his bachelors and working at Baylor. He is currently trying to decide if he is going to go into the chiropractic program or an Accupuncture program. Both options are slightly overwhelming for different reasons and he is weighing the pros and cons of each. He has been working so hard these last 2 and a half years and he is really ready to be done with his degree. Anyone that thinks that taking online classes to get a degree is easy, is completely out of their mind. I am so proud f how hard he has been working as well as mainting his 40 hour a week job at Baylor.

I have a few new things in the works for myself. I am starting my own internet classes in September at the Institute for Integrative nutrition in New york. I will finish the program as a certified holistic health coach. Right now I am also going oncall at North Houston birth Center in Houston as well as taking my own private clients. I have 1 private doula client lined up for every month until March. I am really proud of myself for that. I have recently lost 3 pants sizes and I am back into my jeans that I wore before I got pregnant with Cyrus! I feel really good about that and plan to shed much more weight in the near future. My body is changing again and it is finally for the better. I feel like I have watched my belly round out more than I have watched it flatten. I am not one of those lucky gals who drop ALL their babyweight 2 weeks after birth. This has been a really challenge and struggle for me, but it has been worth it because I really am feeling so much better than before.

Well I think that's the lowdown on all of us. I am really looking forward to cooler weather and for winter veggies to be in season. We are coming up on my FAVORITE time of year and I am starting to get a wee bit antsy!

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